Inauguration of translational research lab at Zealand University Hospital

Inauguration of translational research lab at Zealand University Hospital

We are beyond thrilled to announce the inauguration of our Research Laboratory at Center for Surgical Science at the Department of Surgery, Zealand University Hospital on 1st October 2021!

Following Professor Ismail Gögenur’s vision to bring research closer to the patients, this translational research laboratory has become a part of the research infrastructure with a greater goal of improving personalized medicine.

From left to right: Søren Gade, Member of the European Parliament for Denmark, Ismail Gögenur, Consultant, Professor of Surgery and Director of Center for Surgical Science and Lasse Bremholm, Head of Department of Surgery at Zealand University Hospital.
From left to right: Egon Bo, Regional councillor at Region Zealand, Jesper Gyllenborg, Director of Region Zealand and Annemarie Knigge, Regional councillor at Region Zealand.
Henrik Møller, Vice-director of Zealand University Hospital

“The right treatment to the right patient at the right time!”

This is our motto at the Department of Surgery, where personalized medicine has been the focal point of research for the last 8 years. Our international team of researchers at the Center for Surgical Science is dedicated to improving patient care before, during, and after surgery and optimize their postoperative recovery. The most essential step to reach our goal of stress-free surgery is to tailor diagnostics, surgery, and perioperative treatment according to the patient’s risk profile. To achieve this, we are aiming towards creating a pioneering research environment, one that includes both phenotypic and genotypic data in the risk profiling of patients scheduled for surgery. We have a key focus on developing personalized medicine bedside solutions utilizing the Big Data from the patients´ phenotypic and genotypic variation.

Jens Ravn Eriksen, consultant and director of the colorectal section at the Department of Surgery together with one of the Department's patients. The patient underwent robot-assisted surgery for colon cancer less than 24 hours ago. He is already able to eat, walk, is regaining normal body function and will be discharged later today.
A truly skillful surgical team at the Department of Surgery, ZUH. From left to right: Stine Ydegaard Turino, Nina Abild Frederiksen, Michael Seiersen and Steffen Brisling.

At the newly established lab, we have access to state-of-the-art nCounter platform by NanoString Technologies to perform transcriptomic analyses of tissue and blood samples, the GeoMx platform by NanoString Technologies for digital spatial profiling of tumor tissues, and the infrastructure to culture the patient cells into organoids for drug screening. Using these cutting-edge facilities, we will be able to study and predict patient response to certain treatments in-vitro. This will promote the selection of the most optimal treatment for that patient and therefore, help circumvent any ineffective treatment modalities!

The research lab team: Sara Furbo, PhD student, Kathrine Høst-Rasmussen, project nurse, Britt Cappelen, medical laboratory technician and Paulo Urbano, postdoctoral researcher and head of the research lab.
Postdoctoral researcher Paulo Urbano presenting the focus and activities of the new research lab.

A key addition to our team has been postdoc Paulo Cesar Martins Urbano, who will head the projects involving drug screenings using organoids and other translational analyses. With an experience in immunology for over ten years, Paulo has worked in several research laboratories across the globe. What he brings to the Department—with respect to ideas and expertise—is therefore unparalleled!

Ismail Gögenur with Søren Gade discussing the generic value of the CSS approach for personalizing medicine.
PhD student Sara Furbo during a tour of the research lab.
Postdoc and head of the research lab Paulo Urbano explaining the Center's promising work with organoids.

On behalf of everyone at the Center for Surgical Science, we would like to express our utmost gratitude towards Region Zealand for the help and support in establishing and running this laboratory.

Also, the Louis Hansen Foundation for granting us support with Nanostring nCounter and GeoMx platforms that will push the boundaries of translational research and development.

Last but not least, the Novo Nordisk Foundation for providing the funding for some of the ongoing research projects of the research lab.