is nothing less than...

a multidisciplinary team of medical doctors, scientists and researchers with a strong skillset, determination and passion to improve patient care.

About us

We have a focus on understanding what drives an excellent treatment for patients with different comorbidities and different surgical diseases.

Our major research areas are in patients with cancer in the digestive tract, patients undergoing emergency surgery and patients undergoing abdominal wall and bariatric surgery. In the clinical setting we have implemented ‘Enhanced Recovery After Surgery’ protocols in both emergency surgery and in patients undergoing colorectal cancer surgery. We use minimally invasive surgical techniques (laparoscopic surgery, robot assisted laparoscopy, combined endoscopic laparoscopic procedures, and advanced endoscopic techniques). We firmly believe that state of the art ‘Enhanced Recovery After Surgery’ protocols and minimally invasive surgical techniques are the main stay of any surgical treatment and a prerequisite for performing research in surgical pathophysiology.

At the same time, we are fully aware that having data on population level is important for the implementation of personalized medicine in surgery. Finally, a deep understanding of the molecular biology in surgical pathophysiology and identifying the biological substrates for targets in the perioperative period is instrumental for optimizing surgical patient care.

Research Areas


Insights into the molecular and cellular patterns of disease is currently produced at an unpreceded pace. However, the translation of basic research findings into better patient care remains a difficult but important challenge.

Clinical Outcomes

Clinical outcomes are measurable changes in health or quality of life that result from patient care. Research related to clinical outcomes is either identifying issues that needs attention or researching new ways to improve health, survival, quality of life etc.

Big Data & Personalized Medicine

Utilizing the best globally available solutions to harvest Big Data using Artificial Intelligence in order to accelerate the translation of research results into improved diagnoses, prognoses, and personalized healthcare services.

Nurse Research

Integration of methodology within nursing research brings synergy into the project team, and elucidates research questions from multiple angles. Our focus on personalized medicine including the whole patient trajectory involves cross-disciplinary research methodologies.​


From the beginning of the establishment of CSS it was a main focus to initiate collaborations with partners both within Zealand University Hospital but also in the region and internationally. Thus, CSS is deeply involved in collaborative trials with department of anesthesia, gastroenterology, pathology, radiology, biochemistry, and cardiology. On a regional level we are collaborating with Slagelse Hospital. In the Capital Region of Copenhagen CSS is collaborating with Department of Surgery and Oncology at Herlev Hospital and Department of Surgery at Hvidovre Hospital and Hillerød Hospital. Collaborations with Department of Oncology at Rigshopitalet as well. On a national level CSS is collaborating with Randers Hospital, Aarhus University Hospital, Odense University Hospital, and Aalborg University Hospital.

On an international level there are several collaborations with different institutions such as Stanford University, Yale University, INSERM, Eramus Medical Center, Lübeck University, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Cleveland Clinic.


In 2018 Center for Surgical Science in collaboration with Department of Oncology, Zealand University Hospital and Roskilde University Center received a status of an elite research consortium (Enhanced Perioperative Oncological Consortium) where the focus is research in improving pre-, intra- and postoperative treatment of patients with colorectal cancer. A 1.5 million Euro grant was received from Zealand University Hospital in this context. In 2019, 380.000 Euro was received as a result of an international recognized as a Clinical Academic Group in Personalized Oncological Surgery (CAG-POS), validating the center’s level of excellence. Through the CAG-POS additional 1 million Euro was obtained from the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence under the Agency for Digitisation to create a Big Data infrastructure. Additional funding is retrieved through different private and national funding bodies and considerably through the Region of Zealand. Since 2015 more than 4 million Euros has been received through different private funding bodies.