Zealand Surgical Forum

20 March 2023

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center


With the ever-increasing incidences and second highest mortality rates in the western world, colon cancer has become one of the focal points for research and development for both clinical personnel and translational research scientists. Recently, there have been massive leaps in our understanding of this disease and treatment modalities, and novel promising therapeutic approaches are underway.

Surgery continues to be the primary curative treatment approach for this disease and it is now known that the variations in short- and long-term survival are influenced by the strategies for perioperative care and the quality of surgical treatment.

Since 2015, the ZSF brings together surgeons, physicians, nurses, students and researchers to facilitate the international exchange of ideas and experiences and set the stage for developing newer standards in the field of gastrointestinal disease and surgery. This forum will create a space for diverse perspectives and professional dialogue by renowned leaders in surgery, oncology, radiology, pathology, and anesthesia to address the current roadblocks in the field.

Join us on March 20, 2023 and be a part of the dynamic discussions on improving surgical outcomes and bettering patient care!

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