I have a bachelor in Medicine and will soon start my Master’s degree. I take a great interest in colorectal surgery and cancer research. I am especially interested in how we minimize recurrence of cancer after curative surgery.

2019-2020: FADL-vagt
2020: Medical student at ENT clinic

SDU – Faculty of Health Sciences – Bachelor in Medicine (September 2018-Januar 2020)

Ingrid Jespersen Gymnasium – High School Graduate (2014)

I take part in the Calcium Electroporation study which investigates safety and efficacy of treatment with calcium and electroporation as a supplement treatment to the existing treatment in patients with local colorectal cancer.
For my own project, I am currently researching how time and duration of a colon stent in colorectal cancer patients can affect the tumor microenvironment. 

Research keywords

#Calciumelectroporation #colorectalcancer