I am a biologist from Aarhus University and for many years, I have been working as a researcher both in private and public organizations. I have a broad knowledge of pathophysiology mostly within cancer, and to a broad range of methods within cell biology, molecular biology and histology. Since March 2015, I have been working as research coordinator at Center for Surgical Science. My major work tasks has been to coordinate and support preparation of grant applications to private, national and regional funds, proofreading of scientific documents, preparation of scientific protocols and documents for clinical study approval by the authorities. Moreover, I am coordinator for the national DCCG-initiated NEOLAR trial and member of the steering committee of EPeOnc.


MSc, Institut for Molekylær og Strukturel Biologi, Aarhus Universitet.

Thesis entitled: “Analysis of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1: Structure-function and role in cell migration”.


Ph.d., Sundhedsvidenskabelige fakultet, Københavns Universitet.

Thesis entitled: “Immune-mediated tissue injury. The expression and function of metalloproteinases in inflammatory bowel disease and during bone resorption, as well as the role of cytokines in cartilage degradation”.

39 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals

Research keywords

#Colorectal cancer #surgical stress #translational research #biomarkers #histology #molecular pathology