I have a background as a biologist, focusing on neuroethology in animals. After my Ph.D., I went into research administration and have been working within that area for the past 8 years. I joined Center for Surgical Science in April 2022 as a research coordinator and will be mostly working with and coordinating both pre- and post-award related tasks, along with proofreading scientific documents, help prepare scientific protocols and documents for clinical study approval by the authorities.

2022 – Research Coordinator, Center for Surgical Science, Zealand University Hospital

2021-2022 – Program Coordinator, Center for Protein Research, Brunak Group, University of Copenhagen

2017-2022 – Head of Section, Administration, Center for Vaccine Research, Statens Serum Institut

2015-2017 – Center Administration, Center for Bacterial Stress Response and Persistence (DNRF)

2014-2015 – Post Doc, Department of Biology, Behavioral Ecology Group, University of Copenhagen

2010-2014 – Ph.D. Student, Department


MSc, Biology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

Thesis entitled: A neurological comparative study of the harp seal and harbor porpoise brain


Ph.D. Neuroethology, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

Thesis entitled: Vocal modification abilities and brain structures in parrots – how do they correlate?


Research keywords

#Research coordination #administration #approvals #proof-reading