I am an environmentally conscious researcher with a profound interest in the biology of cancer. The influence of inter- and intra-tumor heterogeneity on treatment response to newer therapeutic regimens is fascinating to me. Thus, I believe that therapies must be designed focusing on patient-level differences. To this end, I wish to contribute to personalized medicine with the cellular, clinical, and translational skillsets I have gained so far.

February 2021–now: Medical Writer/Research Assistant at Center for Surgical Science, Zealand University Hospital, Køge

August 2020–January 2021: Scientific Editor, CACTUS Communications, Mumbai, India

March 2016–September 2016: Clinical Operations/Feasibility Intern at SIRO Clinpharm, Mumbai, India

2017–2019: Master’s in Biology–Biotechnology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2011–2015: Bachelor’s in Pharmacy, Bombay College of Pharmacy, India

I enjoy independent laboratory research just as much as I enjoy organized teamwork in research administration. Therefore, my tasks are divided into laboratory and transcriptomic research and administrative support. As a research assistant, I grow organoids from patient tissues in vitro with the goal of generating an organoid library. Additionally, my interest in transcriptomics has inspired me to study the systemic effects of remote ischemic preconditioning on the adaptive immunity in colorectal cancer.

On an administrative level, I support clinical researchers in the preparation and publication of scientific manuscripts in high impact, peer-reviewed journals. With a keen interest in the communication of scientific research globally, I also assist in scientific content creation for SoMe outreach.

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  • Gogenur DS, Watt S, Gaggar S, Soltanizadeh S, Hansen KJ, Helgstrand F, and Gogenur I. Perioperative Immunologic Responses in Patients with Colorectal Cancer Undergoing Minimally Invasive Surgery in an ERAS Setting. (under review)

Research Keywords

#Cancer biology #organoids #colorectal cancer #transcriptomics #perioperative care