After graduating from University of Copenhagen in 2013 I started specialization in anesthesiology. My primary focus has been optimization of patients in the perioperative period. Currently I study the effects of anesthesia techniques such as nerve blocks and inhalational anesthesia, on cancer progression in colorectal cancer.

I enjoy working in international environments and have previously lived, worked and studied abroad several times. In 2016 I spent six months working for Doctors Without Borders in a refugee camp for Burundi refugees building a health care system in an emergency setting. This gave me invaluable organizational, social, and personal experience that I use every day in my research projects. My heart still beats for global health and equal access to healthcare.

Today I live in Copenhagen with my wife, daughter and son – I enjoy city life, cooking, sailing and occasionally having cold beer with good friends.


PhD Student, Center for Surgical Science, Department of Surgery Zealand University

Hospital, Denmark


Medical Doctor, Dep. of Anesthesiology, Zealand University Hospital Roskilde, Denmark


Medical Doctor, Dep. of Anesthesiology, Slagelse Hospital, Denmark


Medical Doctor, Nduta Hospital, Doctors Without Borders, Tanzania


Medical Doctor, Dep. of Anesthesiology, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark


Medical Doctor, Dep. of Endocrine, Geriatric, Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases, Herlev

Hospital, Denmark


Medical Doctor, Dep. of Urology, Herlev Hospital, Denmark


Medical Doctor, The Gastro Unit, Surgical Section, Herlev Hospital, Denmark


Substitute Medical Doctor (pre-graduate), The Gastro Unit, Surgical Section, Herlev

Hospital, Denmark


Clinical Internship, Kirinda District Hospital, Rwanda


Clinical Internship, Dep. of Anesthesiology, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Kigali,



Substitute Medical Doctor (pre-graduate), Dep. of Orthopedic Surgery, Hjørring Sygehus,



Course assistant, Human Health and Disease, Danish Institute for Study Abroad,

Amager Hospital, Denmark

2019-: PhD representative in the Academic Board of Zealand University Hospital

2019-: Elected as board member for Danish Doctors’ Pension Fund (Lægernes Pension)
Doctors 2013-2018: Elected as regional representative for Danish Association of Junior Hospital
2015-2016: Elected vice-chairman of the Capital Region, Danish Association of Junior Hospital
2013-2015: Elected member of The Group of Youngest Doctors, Danish Association of Junior
Hospital Doctors
2012: Volunteer, Danish Red Cross Summer Camp, Youth Red Cross, Denmark
2009-2013: Member of International Medical Cooperation Committee (IMCC)
2007-2013: Board Member, Danish Medical Students’ Association

2009- 2013 Master of Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2006- 2009: Bachelor of Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


European Trauma Course, European Resuscitation Council, Denmark

Advanced Life Support, European Resuscitation Council, Denmark


Advanced Trauma Life Support, ATLS Denmark


Preparation for Primary Departure, Doctors Without Borders, Oslo, Norway

Summer School in International Health, Copenhagen School of Global Health,

University of Copenhagen


Summer School in Global Health Challenges, Copenhagen School of Global Health,

University of Copenhagen


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My research focus on interventions in the perioperative period that may affect long-term oncologic outcomes after cancer surgery. Specific anesthetic techniques may modulate the immune response to surgery so cancer cells can seed, spread and grow. My research projects consist of clinical trials and epidemiologic studies of nationwide registers.

Research keywords

#Anesthesia #Colorectal Cancer #Enhanced Recovery After Surgery #Epidemiology #Regional anesthesia