I graduated as a Medical Doctor in January 2019, and have worked in surgical departments since then. I am currently employed as a Ph.D. student at CSS. I have a special interest in endoscopy, and my research is therefore influenced by it.

2022 –

Ph.D. student, Center for Surgical Science

2020 – 2022

Resident, Department of Surgery, Zealand University Hospital

2019 – 2020

Medical intern, General practice

Medical intern, Department of Surgery, Hillerød Hospital

MSc in Medicine, University of Copenhagen, 2019

My research is focused on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in colonoscopy. The aim is to investigate the quality, and the possible benefits of AI-assisted adenoma detection and characterization in colonoscopy. Hopefully this can contribute to a more accurate, safe, and targeted diagnosis and treatment of patients in the future.

2022: Board member and secretary, Society of Younger Danish Surgeons

2021 – 2022: Alternate board member, Society of Younger Danish Surgeons

2021: Annual Meeting, Danish Surgical Society, oral presentation: “ERCPs with single-use disposable duodenoscopes – a case series”

2021 – 2022: Teacher in basic suturing for medical students, SAKS

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Research keywords

#artificial intelligence #colonoscopy #endoscopy