I am a medical doctor, aspiring surgeon and ph.d.-student. My primary area of interest lies in surgical pathophysiology with a focus on the inflammatory response, immune response and tumor microenvironment, especially in colorectal cancer. Further, I have a special interest in identifying and optimization of the ‘high risk’ surgical patient. I believe that the biggest improvements in the surgical field in the near future, lies in understanding and improving the physiology and immune response prior to surgery.

I have been a MD since 2014, and when I did my clinical rotations, I studied the risk of developing cancer in inflammatory bowel diseases and the inflammation-dysplasia-carcinoma mechanism. This interest into the immune systems negative effect on cancer progression and outcomes, lead me to the realization that we need efforts into preoperative anti-inflammatory strategies and improving the positive aspects of the immune system. All three of my interest have merged in the current randomized controlled study PREHAB-DK (Dansk: Klar til Kirurgi), in which we try to improve physiological fitness, decrease chronic inflammation, and improving immunological microenviroment, through multimodal ‘prehabilitation’ prior to surgery in high risk colorectal cancer patients.

Besides my research obligations, I perform part time clinic duties as a junior Surgeon at the Department of Surgery, Slagelse Hospital. I also work as a medical illustrator on freelance basis.

Ph.d. – student Dec. 2017 – University of Copenhagen, Center for Surgical Science and Department of Surgery, Slagelse Hospital.

Clinical doctor: 2014 – 2016 – Finished first year of residency in Surgery.

MD – 2014 – University of Copenhagen

BaMSC – 2010 –University of Southern Denmark 


The focus of my current research lies in understanding the impact of preoperative interventions effect on the human physiology and immunology, especially in colonic or rectal cancer. Thus, the field of interest and methodology ranges wide: from epidemiology, pathophysiology, to case control- and clinical randomized studies. We are using a wide range of methods in the studies including physical assessments with Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing, Inflammatory markers, transcription analysis and other omics.      



Credits – Acknowlegdements:

2 poster and 2 Oral presentations at international conferences

“Poster of Distinction” at European Crohn´s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) Vienna 2013

Research keywords

#Colorectal Neoplasms #Immunology #Frailty #Prehabilitation #Surgical pathophysiology #Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test #Anemia