Educated in 1999 from Panum institute /Næstved sygehus. Since then I´ve been working in different areas as for example clinical biochemistry, microbiology, pathology and molecular pathology.

  • Aug. 1999 – okt. 1999: Worked at  Clinical biochemistry dep. Næstved Centralsygehus.
  • Nov. 1999 – maj 2003: Working with histopathology and projects at pathology departments in Næstved, Gentofte and Rigshospitalet
  • Juni 2003 – aug. 2007: Working at the Microbiology department Næstved
  • Sep. 2007 – marts 2020: Working in the Laboratory; Veterinary unit
  • April 2020 – dec. 2022: Working at molecular pathology at  Pathology department in Næstved mainly responsible for Nanostring analysis
  • Jan 2023 started as Research medical laboratory technician at CSS

At CSS I mainly work in the cell-lab, establishing and taking care of the organoids. I´m also responsible for the histology laboratory and participate in the RNA analysis.

Research keywords

#Organoids #histology #RNA isolations