I have been employed as a research fellow at the Center for Surgical Science since November 2019. In the past I also had a research year in the research unit. I am interested in how the surgical and oncological approach to patients can be combined so that patients can get the right treatment at the right time. In particular, im interested in the immune system with a focus on increasing the activity of the immune sys-tem before surgical and medical oncological treatment. In addition, I am also interested in identifying important factors for medical oncology treatment using a big data and machine learning approach.

2015/September-2016/September: Research scholar, Department of Surgery, Center for Surgical Science, Køge Hospital.

2017 October-December: Locum tenens, Emergency Department, Slagelse Hospital

2018/May- 2019/December: Locum tenens, Department of Surgery, Nykøbing Falster Hospital

2019/May-November: House officer/Resident, Department of Respiratory Diseases, Hvidovre Hospital

2019 November-2022 November: Research fellow, Center for Surgical Science, Department of Surgery, Zealand University Hospital

2012-2014: Bsc. Med., University of Copenhagen

2014-2019: Cand. Med., University of Copenhagen

My research is divided between a translational and a big data focus. Translationally, I am interested in neoadjuvant measures that can enhance immune system activity before curative surgery in patients with colorectal cancer. In addition, I have been part of several projects focusing on identifying biomarkers that can monitor tumor burden in patients undergoing surgical and oncological treatment. Within big data, I am interested in identifying factors that are essential for patients to benefit from oncological medical care.


Research keywords

#Prediction models #Immune system #Biomarkers #Chemotherapy complication