I have been doing research since 2002 and in 2012 I obtained a doctorate in medical science from Lund University with the themes of sleep and sexuality. My focus areas are sleep, sexuality, pain and person-centered practice. Quantitative and qualitative research are methods that complement each other and with a multidisciplinary research group, results with broad evidence will be created for the benefit of the patient and staff.

I think, you never finish learning and every discussion that springs from wonder brings new knowledge and insight. Communication in the form of teaching, counseling and guidance are three areas that I find challenging and enjoy working with. Through dissemination, new knowledge and new knowledge are added and dialogue is required. In the dialogue, I find the target group where it is with its knowledge, which is crucial for the form of the dissemination.

University of Southern Denmark, 2018 –

Zealand University Hospital, Surgical Department. 2017 –

Rigshospitalet, Neurocentret. 2013 – 2017

Rigshospitalet, Interdisciplinary Pain Center, Neuroanesthesiology Clinic. 2009 – 2013

Rigshospitalet, Respiration Center East. Neuroanesthesiological Clinic. 2001 – 2009

Amager Hospital, Intensive care unit. 1996 – 2001

Rigshospitalet, Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit. Neuroanesthesiology Clinic. 1994 – 96

Sct. Elisabeth Hospital, Department of Surgery. 1993 – 94

Sct. Elisabeth Hospital, Department of Medicine.1988 – 93

University Pedagogy, University of Southern Denmark 2019 –

Doctoral dissertation at Lund University 2012.

Intensive special education 1998

Bispebjerg Nursing School 1988

Strategic research management, Region Zealand, 2018

Beyond Project Leadership, 2017

NVivo course, 2016

Strategic research management, RegionH 2014

Postgraduate course in assessment of clinical guidelines. Center for Clinical Guidelines – Clearinghouse, University of Aarhus 2014

Validation of scales. University of Copenhagen, 2011

Clinical Sexology. University of Copenhagen 2008

Basic Sexology. University of Copenhagen 2008

Ethics. Lund University 2008

Scientific communication. Lund University 2007

Oral communication. Lund University 2007

SPSS Statistics. Lund University 2007

My research areas are sleep, sexuality, pain and person-centered practice. Currently, I am processing data from a prospective, follow-up study in mixed method. The study examines self-reported sleep in patients before and after hospitalization. The goal is to support the department’s other measures to reduce the stress response associated with surgery. The results will be included in guiding the individual patient in relation to maintaining or optimizing sleep. Videos about knowledge about sleep as well as solutions to sleep problems will be available on the Surgical Department’s website.

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