My field of research focuses on electroporation in combination with calcium or bleomycin for gastrointestinal cancer. Electroporation is a method used to permeabilize cell membranes with high-voltage pulses. As a result, an increased flow of molecules across the cell membrane are observed, and allows passage of otherwise poorly or non-permeating substances such as calcium or chemotherapy, e.g. bleomycin. Studies have shown that electrochemotherapy (with bleomycin) and calcium electroporation effectively eliminate cancer cells, and furthermore, may induce a favorable immunologic response.

My field of research also includes investigation of self-expanding metal stent (SEMS) for bowel obstruction. Up to 30 % of all patients with colorectal carcinoma present with acute malignant obstruction. SEMS was introduced as an alternative to emergency surgery. The expected benefit of SEMS as a bridge to surgery was the opportunity to optimize the patient’s clinical condition before surgery, with less morbidity, mortality and need for a stoma. However, studies have failed to show beneficial effects of SEMS compared with emergency surgery, regarding morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, studies indicate a worse prognosis in relation to stent as bridge to surgery.
SEMS may have a major impact on histopathological and immunological changes in the tumor tissue. We aim to identify changes in tumor microenvironment and systemic immune response following stent placement.

2017 – Ph.d. student, Center for Surgical Science, Zealand Universitetshospital
2017 Resident, Department of Surgery, Nykøbing Falster Hospital
2015 Resident, Department of Surgery, North Region of Denmark
2014-2015 Scholar student, CPO, Department of Surgery, Herlev Hospital

2014-2015 Prægraduat forskningsår, CPO, Gastroenheden, Herlev Hospital

Research keywords

#Electrochemotherapy #Calcium Electroporation #Colonic stent #Immunologic response