2015- ; head of endoscopy, surgical department, Zealand University Hospital

2001; MD, University of Copenhagen

2012; specialist in internal medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology

2013; Ph.D. thesis “GLP 2 and mesenteric blood flow”

Colonic neoplasia/cancer; advanced treatment (eg. CELS (combined endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery), e-FTR (endoscopic full thickness resection), ECT (electrochemotherapy), palliative care

Quality studies on endoscopic treatment

Clinical teaching and quality

Incretin hormones

21 publications

More than 60 posters/oral presentations

DGSH, Danish society of gastroenterology and hepatology


Medical society of Copenhagen

DIMS, Danish society of internal medicine

2016- ; chairman national committee on ultra sound in gastroenterology and hepatology

2015- ; member of national committee for endoscopic nurses

2017- ; head of clinical task force, Institute of clinical medicine, University of Copenhagen

Research keywords

#CELS #e-FTR #Incretin #ECT #colonic cancer #palliative care #endoscopic treatment