I work as a specialist registrar at the surgical department at Zealand University Hospital. Parallel to my clinical position, I have a research position as clinical assistant (PhD student) at center for Surgical Science.
I have a particular interest in benign upper GI and my research focusses on the emergency surgery, surgical complications and epidemiological trends in this population.

2012-2019: Bachelor and master, medicine, University of Copenhagen

Outcomes after bariatric surgery and emergency high-risk abdominal surgery with a particular focus on preoperative optimization and postoperative complications.

2023 – current: Specialist registrar, Department of Surgery, Zealand University Hospital (Køge)

2020 – nu: Clinical assistant (PhD student), Center for Surgical Science, Zealand University Hospital
2022 – 2023: Resident, Department of Surgery, Herlev Hospital

2021-2022: Resident, Dine læger (Birgitte Munk og Rita Andersen), Region South Denmark

2021: Resident, Department of Surgery, Kolding Hospital

2019 – 2021: Resident, Department of Surgery, Zealand University Hospital (Køge)

2018 – 2021: Locum junior doctor (pregraduate), Department of surgery, Slagelse Hospital

2017 – 2019: Scolary student, Center for Surgical Science, Zealand University Hospital

2017 – 2018: Teaching assistant, Department of ear-nose-throat surgery, Rigshospitalet

2016 – 2018: Locum junior doctor (pregraduate), Department of surgery, Hvidovre Hospital

2016 – 2017: Locum junior doctor (pregraduate), Department of cardiothoracic surgery, Rigshospitalet

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Research keywords

#Bariatric surgery #emergency surgery #postoperative complications #preoperative optimization #epidemiology #quality of life #socioeconomy