I have been employed as a Ph.D.-student at Center for Surgical Science since june 2019. I graduated medical school in 2017. Subsequently, I have completed “Klinisk basisuddannelse” and a one-year introduction position at the surgical department at Zealands University Hospital. Since I was a medical student I has been interested in the surgical specialties, and the interest has only increased due to my clinical work at the department.

I am particularly interested in the implementation of new digital technology and the use of wearable technology to predict postoperative complications and optimize postoperative recovery.

2019-   Ph.D.-student, Center for Surgical science, Zealand University Hospital Køge

2019    Resident, Surgical dept., SUH

2018-2019:      Surgical introduction position (resident), Surgical dept., SUH

2017-2018:      KBU, 1. part: Slagelse Sygehus, Emergency dept. 2. Part: General Practitioner, Næstved

2015-2016:      Urologic dept., Næstved Hospital

Jan. 2017:        Cand.med., University of Copenhagen

My research focuses on the application of digital health technology and the use of wearable devices to predict postoperative complications and optimize recovery after major abdominal surgery. In particular, I am interested in optimizing patient treatment and follow up after discharge from the hospital. At the present time we are initiating studies, where we continuously monitor glucose, sleep patterns and heart rate variation for up to 30 days after elective and emergency abdominal surgery.

In addition, I am interested in the implementation of smartphone applications for postoperative monitoring of patient-related outcomes.


Source: TV2 Øst

Research keywords

#Wearables #Smartphone Apps #Digital health #High risk emergency surgery #Colorectal cancer surgery #Postoperative complications