I graduated medical school in June 2011 and I am now specializing to become a surgeon. Currently I am doing a Phd at Center for Surgical Science and Department of Surgery, Slagelse Hospital.

2017- …

Clinical assistant, Department of Surgery, Slagelse Hospital


Specialist training, Department of Surgery, Rigshospitalet, Hvidovre Hospital and Hillerød Hospital (currently on research leave)


Resident, Department of Surgery, Herlev Hospital


Resident, Department of Surgery, Zealand University Hospital, Køge


Internship, Department of Surgery Køge Hospital


Clinical basic education, resident, Department of Medicine and Department of Urology, Næstved Hospital


MD (medicine), University of Copenhagen

I am interested in research dealing with improving the treatment and prognosis of colorectal cancer. Currently I am doing a clinical randomized trial in which patients with colon cancer are treated with metformin in the perioperative period. The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of metformin on proliferation and apoptosis of tumor cells as well as changes in immune infiltration of the tumor. Furthermore, the systemic immune response and changes in postoperative hyperglycemia are explored. Finally, the composition of the microbiota of the gut is examined. The gut microbiota has proven to be connected to a number of different diseases, including colorectal cancer. Metformin is thought to be able to change the composition of the gut microbiota.

Research keywords

#Colorectal cancer #Metformin #Surgical stress #Perioperative optimization