I am a phD student at Center for Surgical Science and enrolled at the Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen. The focus of my work is patients with colon cancer and the tumor microenvironment: the cancer cells, the infiltrating immune cells and the microbiota.

I started my current position immediately after completing my master’s degree in medicine in 2018, as I knew I wanted to pursue research in patients with colorectal cancer in a surgical setting. My first experience in research was a year as a research-year scholar at Center for Surgical Science in 2015.

Except for at semester in Gijon, Spain, I have resided in Copenhagen all my life. I am a mother of three children, thus organization and project management is an essential part of both my private and professional life.

2021-2022: Maternity leave #3

2019-2020: Maternity leave #2

2018-now: Clinical assistant and phD-student, CSS

2017-2018: Maternity leave #1

2016-2017: Research assistent for the PIXIE study, CSS

2015-2016: Research-year scholar, CSS

2014-2018        University of Copenhagen – Master in Medicine

2011-2014        University of Copenhagen – BSc in Medicine

My current research is on patients with colon cancer and the microbiota. I focus on the tumor microenvironment: immune evasive markers, the infiltration of immune cells and the bacteria present. I will through my Ph.D conduct several studies focusing on the bacterial composition of the mucosal layer of the colon in patients with colon cancer, how the cancer cells react to exposure of bacteria, and how these known bacterial drivers react to antibiotic treatment. My previous research has also been on patients with colorectal cancer: I have conducted a database study on readmission and prolonged hospital stay in patients with colorectal cancer in an ERAS cohort; as well as conducted a study on in-vivo sentinel node mapping in patients with colon cancer.

First author

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Shared first author

  • Andersen HS, Bennedsen ALB, Burgdorf SK, Eriksen JR, Eiholm S, Toxværd A, Riis LB, Rosenberg J, Gögenur I. In vivo and ex vivo sentinel node mapping does not identify the same lymph nodes in colon cancer. Int J Colorectal Dis. 2017 Jul;32(7):983-990. doi: 10.1007/s00384-017-2777-9. Epub 2017 Feb 16. PubMed PMID:28210851.


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#Patients #Colorectal Cancer #Colon Adenomatous Polyps #Microbiota #Bacteria #Biofilm #Anti-biotics #Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes #Immune Evasive Markers #PD-1 Pathway #HLA-G #CDX2 #Lymph Node Metastases #Mutation Analyses #Readmission #Prolonged Hospital Stay #ERAS #Sentinel Node Mapping #Indocyanine Green