Ismail Gögenur
Ismail Gögenur Linkedin-in Twitter Envelope As a director of CSS my overall vision is to put together the right research
Paulo Cesar Martins Urbano
Paulo Cesar Martins Urbano Linkedin Envelope During the past 10 years of experience in immunology, I have worked in three
Rasmus Peuliche Vogelsang
Rasmus Peuliche Vogelsang Twitter Envelope Rasmus Peuliche Vogelsang graduated from University of Copenhagen in 2013. After finishing his internship in
Postdoctoral researcher, MD, PhD
Rasmus Peuliche Vogelsang
Rune Munch Trangbæk
Rune Munch Trangbæk Twitter Envelope Linkedin Optimizing emergency surgery. MD and PhD student. Emergency abdominal surgery. Search and Rescue helicopter.
Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm
Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm Linkedin-in Envelope Twitter Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm became a doctor at the University of Copenhagen in January 2013.
Rasmus Dahlin Bojesen
Rasmus Dahlin Bojesen Twitter Envelope I am a medical doctor, aspiring surgeon and ph.d.-student. My primary area of interest lies
Postdoctoral researcher, MD, PhD
Rasmus Dahlin Bojesen
Adile Orhan
Adile Orhan Linkedin-in Envelope I am a medical doctor and PhD-student interested in clinical oncology and cancer research. My fields
Andreas Weinberger Rosen
Andreas Weinberger Rosen Linkedin-in Envelope Twitter Andreas is a junior surgeon at the Department of Surgery, Zealand University Hospital along
Kathrine Høst-Rasmussen
Kathrine Høst-Rasmussen Envelope Linkedin After working at the Endoscopy Department at Zealand University Hospital for 4 years, I started my