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Our goal in CSS is to realize the vision of  stress-free surgery!

As a group leader I pay special attention to make sure that the scientific environment is the best possible for the individual researcher and that the individual team members´ research projects are facilitated and accelerated while maintaining a high-quality scientific production. Our scientific efforts are always guided by a clear strategy for implementing our results in the clinical setting in order to improve patient treatment.

In order to reach our vision, we need in our team researchers with different scientific and professional backgrounds. We are a group of primarily medical doctors (mostly surgeons) and medical students. Within the last couple of years, we are having an increasing number of molecular biologists, data scientists, bioinformaticians, and data engineers. At the same time, we are happy to also include in our team a cross-disciplinary group consisting of nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians.
In order to facilitate stress-free surgery and to improve clinical outcomes we require insight into all the factors that impact a patient’s treatment in a surgical trajectory. Our group is, therefore, increasingly involving cross-sectorial research projects including the primary sector and, in particular, basic sciences.
A lot of the variation affecting a patient’s response to surgery is based on a deep understanding of the human biology and that´s why we are aiming to create a translational research environment involving basic scientists. Including an increasing amount of biological data and data from wearables to improve predictions and improving patient treatment is a big part of our strategy.
A very important means to reaching our goal of stress-free surgery is to tailor diagnostics, surgery and perioperative treatment according to the patient’s risk profile. In order to achieve this, we are aiming towards creating a pioneering research environment, one that includes both phenotypic and genotypic data in the risk profiling of patients scheduled for surgery. We have a key focus on developing personalized medicine bedside solutions utilizing the complete range of Big Data from the patients´ phenotypic and genotypic variation.

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We are always looking for skilled people with passion to make a difference in patient care. If you can see yourself as part of our team, contact us! We never run out of coffee. 🙂

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