Rune Munch Trangbæk
Rune Munch Trangbæk Twitter Envelope Linkedin Optimizing emergency surgery.MD and PhD student. Emergency abdominal surgery. Search and Rescue helicopter. Army.
Johan Stub Rønø Clausen
Johan Stub Rønø Clausen Envelope I have been employed as a Ph.D.-student at Center for Surgical Science since june 2019.
Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm
Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm Linkedin-in Envelope Twitter Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm became a doctor at the University of Copenhagen in January 2013.
Rune Hasselager
Rune Petring Hasselager Twitter Envelope Linkedin After graduating from University of Copenhagen in 2013 I started specialization in anesthesiology. My
Niclas Dohrn
Niclas Dohrn Envelope Robotic and laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery and optimization of the surgical treatment of colorectal cancer. In my
Andreas Weinberger Rosen
Andreas Weinberger Rosen Linkedin-in Envelope Twitter Andreas is a junior surgeon at the Department of Surgery, Zealand University Hospital along
Mikail Gögenur
Mikail Gögenur Twitter Linkedin Envelope I have been employed as a research fellow at the Center for Surgical Science since
Astrid Louise Bjørn Bennedsen
Astrid Louise Bjørn Bennedsen Linkedin-in Envelope I am a Ph.D. student at Center for Surgical Science, Surgical Department, Zealand University.
Doruk Orgun
Doruk Orgun Envelope I am a junior surgeon with special interests in Gastrointestinal Surgical Oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and