Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm
Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm Linkedin-in Envelope Twitter Kirsten Lykke Wahlstrøm became a doctor at the University of Copenhagen in January 2013.
Adile Orhan
Adile Orhan Linkedin-in Envelope I am a medical doctor and PhD-student interested in clinical oncology and cancer research. My fields
Andreas Weinberger Rosen
Andreas Weinberger Rosen Linkedin-in Envelope Twitter Andreas has a background as a medical doctor and has previously worked clinically in
Mikail Gögenur
Mikail Gögenur Twitter Linkedin Envelope I have been employed as a research fellow at the Center for Surgical Science since
Astrid Louise Bjørn Bennedsen
Astrid Louise Bjørn Bennedsen Linkedin-in Envelope Twitter I am a phD student at Center for Surgical Science and enrolled at
Doruk Orgun
Doruk Orgun Envelope I am a junior surgeon with special interests in Gastrointestinal Surgical Oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and
Lasse Andersson Kvich
Lasse Andersson Kvich Twitter Linkedin Envelope I have many years of experience in the field of microbiology, of which five
Tommaso Del Buono D’Ondes
Tommaso Del Buono D’Ondes Linkedin Envelope I am a biologist with a background related to tumor immunology. After graduating I
Ronja M.B. Lagström
Ronja M.B. Lagström Envelope I graduated as a Medical Doctor in January 2019, and have worked in surgical departments since