Andreas Weinberger Rosen
Andreas Weinberger Rosen Linkedin-in Envelope Twitter Andreas has a background as a medical doctor and has previously worked clinically in
Andi Tsouchnika
Andi Tsouchnika Envelope Linkedin I received my Master’s degree in Boinformatics at the University of Copenhagen in 2019. During my
Data Engineer/Scientist
Andi Tsouchnika
Ronja M.B. Lagström
Ronja M.B. Lagström Envelope I graduated as a Medical Doctor in January 2019, and have worked in surgical departments since
Karoline Bendix Bräuner
Karoline Bendix Bräuner Envelope Linkedin Karoline is a newly educated MD, who is now a PhD Fellow at Center for
Maliha Mashkoor
Maliha Mashkoor Envelope I obtained my MSc in Bioinformatics from the University of Copenhagen. My MSc thesis was related to
Lukas Balsevicius
Lukas Balsevicius Twitter Linkedin Envelope I graduated as MSc in Biochemistry from University of Bonn, Life & Medical Science Institute
Bioinformatician, PhD Student
Lukas Balsevicius